OmniGraffle 7.6: The Big Stencils Update

Today we released OmniGraffle 7.6, a major update that aims to bring power and speed to Stencils.

First, the Stencil Browser—which can still operate as a separate window or popover—is now also amenable to being placed in the left sidebar, where you’d normally see your layers, canvases, manual guides, and outline view. This speeds up a number of workflows, one being the “drag out stencil objects quickly while tweaking settings on each one” workflow. Drag; set. Drag; set.

Second, it’s now possible to drag new objects to the Stencil Browser to add them to an existing stencil! This is huge. Let’s say you’ve got a custom set of annotations that you made for a specific project. A few hours after you’ve saved everything, there’s just one more variant to add. Super easy now: select the object, drag it to the Stencil Browser, and you’re done.

Finally, the Resource Browser handles folders like a Pro. You can drag and drop between folders, rename folders, and even create new folders from selected stencils.

There’s more, too. We’ll have additional posts here on Inside to call out all of our new Stencil features, so stay tuned! You can see the entire set of release notes here.